Garden Harvest

October 1, 2007

smallsunflower.jpgI thought my first year as an organic farmer was a total flop only weeks after planting when my then 1-1/2 year old pulled all the starter plants out of pots that were sitting near our window. Things got slightly worst when I finally put the salvaged seedlings into the raised garden only to receive an inch of snow that very weekend.

Believe it or not, a few plants survived and flourished. Nothing remarkable: some squash, corn and a beautiful sunflower that my daughter planted for me for mother’s day. Unfortunately, just as a the squash started to bear offspring, the frost came again and my garden was instantly a tangled web of black.

I decided to help the decomposition along this weekend and as I was pulling dead vines from the dirt, I uncovered a ridiculous bounty of potatoes. Obviously, I was ecstatic and brought the whole family out to watch my treasure hunt.

smallpotatoes.jpgOddly, I never planted any potatoes and assume they grew from the compost that I put on the soil, but still, it made all the effort worth it. I learned so much about gardening and will make several changes before diving in again next spring, but mostly I loved the experience of digging around and watching seeds turn into food for my family. It’s truly a miracle the way it all works, even more reason to protect our precious soil as if its gold.


One Response to “Garden Harvest”

  1. Chris said

    Growing a plant, a garden, is very therapeutic

    The monetary return on a garden must be 100 or 200 to 1

    A friend of mine had great success growing tomato plants in Colorado by using old tires as planters (a great use for an old tire). He cut out the sidewall with a sawzall and filled the tire with dirt, apparently the rubber was just the insulation the roots needed to keep warm and thrive. Watch out for slugs!

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