Waste and More Waste

December 26, 2007

smallcreditcard.jpgThere is nothing green about Christmas.

Of course, the tree, the wreaths, the lights, I get it, but as far as consuming less goes, it’s almost the antithesis of Christmas spirit.

We tried to do what we could: opted for the handed down fake tree, warned the rellies to scale back on purchases, suggested that one gift per person was more than enough, even asked my brother-in-law to buy ‘family’ gifts instead of individually.

We skipped the traditional feast in light of our vegetarianism and enjoyed Christmas Eve fondue with tofu and dipping sauces. We had a simple Christmas breakfast with lots of organic fruit and fake sausage. But at the end of it all, it’s just over-the-top, indulgent, gotta have just one more piece, rubbish.

Piles of cardboard boxes, packing peanuts and plastic bags are clogging the foyer. Junky little trinkets litter the coffee table. And the toys? I can’t even begin to list the things that were purchased for my two year old, but i’ll mention for the sake of clarification, a laptop. It seems the best solution to global warming is to not be wasteful. A brand new, plastic shelled computer is certainly not part of that paradigm.

Is it fair to my daughter to prohibit our family from buying her Christmas gifts because we don’t believe in the consumerism? Or is it unfair to let our daughter believe that on this one occasion we can behave as if we are not facing an environmental apocalypse?

When will we stop thinking the measure of love is in the material things we give and receive?


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