Back in the Raw

March 25, 2009

babyboyAfter suffering through the worst morning sickness imaginable at the end of 2008, I felt concerned about getting the maximum nutrition available to me with each calorie, while still indulging all my pregnancy cravings. Guess where I ended up? Raw foods, again.

I discovered raw foods about a year ago, shortly after returning to a vegetarian diet when the warm summer sun brought a bounty of luscious fruits and veggies to my door. But we live in a high alpine climate and once the snow started falling, even the bananas from Ecuador were mealy and tasteless, not to mention hardly worth the fossil fuels it took to get them to Colorado. So while staying vegetarian, I lost my love of raw cuisine, and slipped into the occasional fruit smoothie with some greens added for good measure. But I didn’t feel great.

And then I got pregnant.

Morning sickness lasted a full 4 months for me this time around, and I emerged from the fog in January just in time for a month long trip we had planned to the Australian Coast. As luck would have it, our winter is their summer and I discovered the most amazing produce at every corner: mangoes, passion fruit, avocados, rocket were all plentiful, inexpensive and RAW. And it was on again.

I returned to the states, 10 pounds heavier and determined to keep the raw food love alive. So I bought a juicer. Now I had been religious about morning smoothies and thought that I could not live without them, but when I discovered juicing, raw foods took on a whole new dimension. I could juice almost anything that landed on the counter, and didn’t have to worry about weird stringy pulp that felt like hair in my mouth.

Since purchasing the juicer 2 months ago, i’ve returned to a 70% ish raw diet, and felt amazing. My skin has never felt softer and smoother, i’ve gained a modest amount of weight and the baby has maintained a steady growth curve that the doctor finds pleasing.

The best part, however, is that I know i’m giving my child the very best health possible, without using pharmaceutical products whose true effect is only marginally known. It’s funny how the universe opens the doors for you if you can just sit back and be aware. This is a lifestyle for me, and my family, and i’m pleased to have discovered it once again.

Now if only I could figure out how to grow anything edible in this darn Rocky Mountain climate!