April 12, 2009

I just read John Robbins second book, Food Revolution, and was both horrified and inspired. The ethics of American business have fallen so low, and the respect for our citizens is so diminished, I feel like a factory farmed animal even living here. Why is it other countries governments go to such length to protect their citizens from harm, and ours works tirelessly to keep us from knowing the harm to which they are subjecting us? Why would our government officials and big business do this?


Sell more beef, even if it is riddled with chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, the long range effects of which are unknown. Make better profit margins on crops that whose DNA has been altered using all sorts of DNA from other species.

I knew alot of what was mentioned in the book, but I did appreciate John Robbins pointing out that to eat a plant-based diet, besides all the enormous health benefits, puts him in line with his values.

Living in this ‘free’ country while animals suffer so profoundly and the rich seem to have all the political power they want is bad enough, the last thing I need is to get confused about what is right or wrong for me personally.

I’ll continue to forgo the animal products, and now search through ingredient lists on boxes looking for hidden frog DNA in my soybeans, but mostly I’ll feel confident that i’m living in accordance with what I believe, and that is something that does make me proud.